Inside the Air Handler

The air handler features three main components.

Evaporator coil: The evaporator coil cools the warm air that’s pulled in before it leaves through the supply vents.

Blower: The blower is responsible for leading warm air to the evaporator coil and ensuring that cool air continues to move efficiently through the system.

Air filter: Your air filter helps prevent dust, dirt, and debris from building up in your cooling system. Make sure you are replacing the air filter regularly. Frequency of replacement will depend on your household’s particular air quality and comfort needs (typically every one to three months).

Signs Your Air Handler Needs Repair

If you are experiencing cooling inefficiencies or inconsistent temperatures, reach out to our experts for immediate service. We will inspect the air handler to identify the source of the issue and present you with an accurate solution.

Frozen evaporator coil

Frozen coils are common air handler problems and are often caused by blocked air filters. If the evaporator coil in your air handler is frozen, you will experience a lack of cool air or poor airflow.

Damaged blower

Leaking refrigerant

Loose fan belt

Do you hear loud noises coming from your air handler? The fan belt might be broken or loose. Turn off your unit to avoid furth er problems, and contact us to get the fan belt replaced as soon as possible.

Thinking of Replacing Just the Air Handler vs. Your Entire AC System?

If your air conditioner or heat pump needs to be replaced, it might seem more cost-effective to replace the air handler while keeping the outdoor condenser. But this can actually create more problems down the road. Current industry standards require both the indoor and outdoor units to have matching SEER ratings, coils, and refrigerant.

This is why we always recommend replacing your entire cooling system at the same time. Doing so ensures more efficient cooling and significantly reduces your risk of experiencing problems.

At Express Heating & Air Conditioning we can help you choose the right cooling equipment for your home and make sure your new AC or heat pump is installed accurately. We install all major brands, including high-quality products from Bryant.

Contact us today at (706) 576-6800 for same-day air handler repair in Columbus, GA.


Benefits of a Properly Tuned AC System:

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